Sure-Board® Series 200 for Steel Framing is a steel sheet and gypsum board composite product that is installed on steel framed shearwalls
at points requiring shear.



Sure-Board® Series 200W for Steel framing and Series 200W for Wood Framing are a steel sheet and medium density fiber board composite product that are installed on steel or wood framed shear walls at points requiring shear.




Sure-Board 200B for Blast/Ballistic
is an enhanced version of 200, used
in pre-tested assemblies for varying degrees of Blast/Ballistic protection.



*Series 200 is available laminated to all Nationally Approved Gypsum and Fiber Cement Sheathings.



View the Sure-Board® IAPMO Evaluation
IAPMO ES is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), giving inspectors and other officials the confidence of knowing that all products displaying the IAPMO ES shield have met the most rigorous standards
and are in full compliance with all applicable national codes.

IAPMO ES Certification   IAPMO ES Certification   IAPMO ES Certification
IAPMO ES Certification   

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