200W – Wood/Steel Framing


Sure-Board® Series 200W Increased load values reduce total length of shear wall required. Installed on wood/steel framed shear walls, our patented 1/8” profile eliminates shimming reducing the labor required. By using Sure-Board® Series 200W, you can use 2x bottom plate in lieu of 3x per code on all first floor shear wall. When used with our proprietary compression posts, lateral displacement is reduced by more than 50%.

Shear Applications

Shear ApplicationsSure-Board® is a steel sheet and substrate panel composite product that is installed on wood stud walls at points requiring shear. Nationally approved for earthquakes and hurricane force winds, Sure-Board® is a value tested, innovative solution for controlling imposed loads.

Fire Applications

Fire ApplicationsBased on fire testing performed in 2002 at ITS test facility, Series 200W verified no adverse effects to any existing 1 hour and 2 hour fire rated assemblies.

Sound Applications

Sound ApplicationsTests performed in a NVLAP accredited laboratory in accordance with ASTM E90-04 confirms that Sure-Board®, integrated into a number of wall assemblies, shows a reduction in sound transmission. (see assembly performance charts). If you require additional specific assembly testing, we can assist you, and provide approved, independent laboratory testing services for your individual needs.

Other Applications

Other ApplicationsSure-Board® lends itself to a variety of practical solutions learn more.



1.3 lbs per square foot average with MDF.


Testing & Certifications

Learn more about Sure-Board® testing and certifications.


Configurations Weight

Sure-Board® is available in the following standard configurations:

  • 4’x8’, 4’x9’ and 4’x10’ standard lengths
  • 1/8” MDF or 1/8” Panel Board thickness
  • Sure-Board® is also available cut to specific custom lengths


Wall View

Sure-Board® Series 200W Wall View

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